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The Need - Health Economics


With the ever intensifying demand on healthcare systems to provide “more for less” and consequently, medtech and eHealth companies to provide the solutions to make this real, the relatively new area of Health Economics is increasingly important.  Justification of the health economics arguments of mobile apps and products is essential when seeking to market new solutions and increasingly in justifying investment and guiding product development.  Until now a dedicated health economic capability has been beyond the reach of all but the largest most established companies.  HecoAnalytics has addressed this need by developing software and associated services that allows cost-effective implementation of on-line health economic studies to guide product development, justify investment and ultimately support market uptake.


HecoAnalytics uses the accepted practice of evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a new technology in comparison to an existing gold standard technology, similar to that used by NICE.


What is HecoAnalytics?


A web based health economic decision-making tool, supported by our team of health economists, able to identify innovations that have the potential to be a good investment for you as medical device manufacturers.


Why is HecoAnalytics valuable?


Helping you to develop the right product, for the right market, for the right price and focus limited resources to devices that will be cost effective and adopted in the market.

When should HecoAnalytics be used?


From 'the concept stage' to the design of new devices, supporting development decisions, justification of investment and ultimately supporting market acceptance.

The Platform


We provide developers and manufacturers of near-patient products and services with a simple to use economic pricing and scenario analysis tool that utilises state of the art cloud, big data and semantic technologies. HecoAnalytics builds on over a decade of academic research in Health Economics and Computer Science.  Our tools can be accessed from PCs and mobile devices with HecoNect providing real-time upload of internet connected device or App performance data and integration into Web based economic modelling.




Health Apps offer a number of pathway innovation opportunities whilst also requiring additional modelling of software maintenance and patient behaviour.  HecoAnalytics provides the economic modelling platform for the capture and synthesis of App life-cycle costs in addition to upfront development outlay.  Headroom as an approach supports early investment decision making by both App developers and healthcare procurement professionals.  Health Apps provide a clear opportunity for capturing patient behaviour either through sensor monitoring or patient entry.  An important addition to our platform (for internet connected devices) is HecoNect that provides an interface for Apps to upload behavioural or performance data onto the HecoAnalytics platform. Data is stored in semantically annotated NOSQL data stores that are then used by Web based economic modelling and visualisation.  Tracking performance of Apps against early economic estimates is one benefit.

The Process


HecoAnalytics works with companies to develop a complete understanding of the disease area and pathway of interest with our team of highly experienced health economists and data scientists.


HecoAnalytics provides a web-based economic decision making tool that allows a company to make instant health economic assessment of their product portfolio and that allows for different scenario planning in response to new development, clinical or market data.


HecoAnalytics provides ongoing support for the web-based application.

The Team

Stuart Hendry


David Bell

(CTO & Founder)

Terry Young


Armin Kashefi

(Data Scientist)

Tommaso Turchi

(Lead Developer)


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